Thursday, May 25, 2006

How do you spell blog?

Blogger's built-in editor spell-check doesn't know the words blog and blogging. And this is why libraries should be wary of buying vendor-based spell checkers and just plugging them in. Trust me, you'll want to customize at some point to not look like you have no clue about your own services.

Anybody spare a minute?

Can anyone spare a minute? Seriously, I need more time. I'll put it to good use, I swear. I'm not going to blow it on video games and socializing. Just a few seconds even man.

Expect my initial blogging schedule to be one blog a week. I'm getting married in August and I haven't had as much time to work on this blog as I thought I would. Getting the marriage stuff set up seems slightly more important.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Enter The Librarian

Hiya all. I figure I should do a little bit of an introduction. I'm a recent graduate of a Graduate School of Library and Information Science who's currently working as as a Systems Librarian for one of the Big Ten. I'm a mid-twenties, technology-involved librarian. My identity is more of a secret through my relative lack of importance than any actual effort to maintain privacy.

I've always really enjoyed libraries and have had a knack for technology. Other members of my family share my love of libraries. None of them really share my knack for technology, so that's always been a bit odd for me. I've always been around academics, so the university environment is quite comfortable for me.

So why blog? I've got a couple of reasons, mostly selfish:

1) I need practice writing. Lots of practice. Criticism is also a plus. The fact I'm writing posts that I hope people will read will hopefully give me motivation to write as well as I can.

2) All the cool people involved in libraries and technologies seem to have a blog. So I figure I better give it a shot. Either it'll prove to be an indication of a collective wisdom among my peers of a new publishing mechanisms, or I'll just be wasting my time. Ah well, it's better than jumping off a cliff just because everyone else is.

3) Give me motivation to actually finish projects. I have a horrible habit of starting projects and never finishing them. If enough people start to follow my blog, perhaps they'll keep me from getting away with that sort of noxious behavior.

4) A place to occasionally rant in humorous manner. You know, about things about being a technology-orientated librarian in his mid-twenties (yes, his) doesn't necessarily mean Michael Gorman gets to pigeonhole me into his pre-conceived categories.

Well, that seems enough for now.

We'll see if I keep going on this project or not.