Sunday, December 03, 2006

Web Developer's plugin saves the day again

Long story short, I'm working on a particular website that has dark purple for unvisited links, light purple for visited links. Yes, I know, not the best color scheme. Anyone who knows links can guess where this is going. I thought I had styled some links appropriately where it turned out I hadn't. Now, I can't be sure which links are appropriately styled and which aren't. Web Developer saves me once again from having to clear the history by offering in the Micellaneous menu a way to make all visited links unvisited.

Thank you, Web Developer, for making my browser and browsing experience under my control, not that of someone else's decisions or mistakes.

I'm not yet dead

Despite the rumours, I'm still very much alive and kicking. Or alive at any rate. Or at least my heart is beating every once in a while and some blood is flowing.